10 Games We’ll Never Get The Chance To Play

Many games have to travel through a long arduous journey before they can see the light of day. Unfortunately, some titles are not as lucky and end up either in development limbo or get canceled altogether. These are 10 games we’ll sadly never get the chance to play.

Star Wars 1313


Star Wars 1313 was set to be the AAA Star Wars game we’ve all been waiting for. A gritty take on the Star Wars universe, 1313 focused on a young Boba Fett in a sublevel under the city-planet known as Coruscant. The game was being developed by LucasArts until 2013 when The Walt Disney Company acquired LucasArts.

After the acquisition, the studio was shut down and all internal projects that were in development at the time, including 1313, was scrapped. From the released trailer, the game looked to employ a cinematic approach to its action adventure gameplay, similar to that of the Uncharted series.

Heavenly Sword 2


This may or may not come as a surprise, but Heavenly Sword was originally planned to be a trilogy. After Heavenly Sword was released on the PS3, Ninja Theory quickly began work on Heavenly Sword 2. However, development of the sequel was eventually handed over to SCE Cambridge Studio, most currently known as Guerilla Cambridge, before it was canceled altogether in 2008. Ninja Theory moved on from Heavenly Sword and focused their efforts on a new IP called Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Ninja Theory is currently working on a spiritual successor to Heavenly Sword, called Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.




Game developer Volition and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro joined forces with the purpose of delivering us a brand new survival horror game called inSANE. After the demise of Volition’s publisher THQ, development on the title was halted. With the rights of the game still in his hands, del Toro reached out to multiple companies with the intent to revive the project. Much to del Toro’s disappointment, no company took an interest in his project, ultimately sentencing the game to limbo where it will stay as vaporware.




After being in development for nearly four years, Scalebound, a game that was destined to come out for the Xbox One in 2017, was canceled. Developed by PlatinumGames, this dragon focused action RPG was the studio’s first foray into the genre. From the get-go, Scalebound proved to be a challenge for the team.

The game was expected to have gameplay that was unlike anything the studio had done before. Despite reported issues with the game’s engine and the team missing deadlines, Hideki Kamiya, the founder of PlatinumGames, had high hopes for the title. Kamiya even went as far as to describe the game as a dream come true for him. In late 2016, due to the troubled development, Microsoft Studios and PlatinumGames came to the conclusion that it was best to “part ways” and Platinum ceased work on the title.

Prey 2

Prey 2

Another highly anticipated game, Prey 2 was canceled reportedly due to “quality” issues. Human Head Studios released the announcement trailer at E3 2013. The trailer managed to pique event goer’s interest, but unfortunately, even a great trailer couldn’t save this game from cancellation. Although the game looked promising, publisher Bethesda just didn’t believe that the game would live up to expectations.




Electronic Arts formed a partnership with Steven Spielberg in 2004. In this partnership, Spielberg was supposed to develop three games for EA. One of those games was going to be a sci-fi action adventure RPG codenamed LMNO. This game, which would feature a former federal agent and a mysterious female alien-like character as the protagonists, was meant to tug at our heartstrings. It turns out that the downfall of this game was the fact that the team behind the game just couldn’t seem to get their ideas to coalesce into one workable story.

Fallout Online



Fallout Online was going to be the Fallout MMO fans have been asking for, that is if Bethesda Softworks wouldn’t have gotten in the way. During development, Bethesda told developer Masthead Studios that although the game is set in the Fallout Universe, the game can’t mention or make any references to Fallout. The seemingly unnecessary meddling of Bethesda caused friction between the developer and publisher. After a lengthy legal battle, the two parties reached a settlement and the game was canceled.

StarCraft: Ghost



StarCraft is most typically known for its real-time strategy gameplay, but StarCaft: Ghost looked to deviate from that path. This title was meant to be a stealth action game set in StarCraft‘s universe. The game was announced in 2002, but after several delays, the game was put on “indefinite hold” in 2006. It seems like we’ll never know what could’ve been.

Rainbow 6: Patriots



No one was surprised to hear that another Rainbow 6 game was in the works, but we were surprised when it suddenly got canceled. The game had been in development for several years, but as the developers moved on from the last generation to the current generation, problems occurred. The game was eventually replaced with Rainbow 6: Siege. When asked why, the developers explained that they wanted to deliver a “next-gen experience” and it was just easier to start over with a clean slate.

Eight Days



Eight Days was originally meant to be only a tech demo in 2005, but about a year later, Eight Days was announced as a full-fledged game. The game managed to impress everyone with its first trailer and it quickly became a highly anticipated title. Despite the popularity, the game was canceled in 2008 after an internal review conducted by Sony revealed that the game wasn’t very fun. The lack of an online mode was one of the most common critiques of the game. Since then, the game has faded away from most people’s memories.

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